Engrained Demons of Unforgiveness!

Believe it or not, many evil spirits are lording over God’s people!

Other words, the souls of man need to be delivered from Satan’s disguised captivity.  Such is not God’s order; the soul having dominion over your spirit.  The sons of God have been mandated to come into compliance in accord to the Word.  [I Thes.5:23-24]. 

Its time to cry out for God’s will!  Jesus said, “the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipper shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: 

For the Father seeketh such to worship him.

Preacher, Preacher!

As God’s genuine-authentic leader in the pulpit, you have been called to love Jesus, and to properly feed His sheep!  Therefore, we must know that God’s lambs and sheep are highly prized valued in the heart of the Lord.  Remember, this leadership call is to spiritually embrace and feed God’s sheep and lambs.  It is very important and highly sacred that Christ’s unconditional love [agape – unconditional love] must be resident and manifested in the preacher’s heart.

Gates of Authority!

You have been given divine authority from our heavenly Father to accept one of these gates!  Which of these gates are you committed?  According to God’s Word, there are two spiritual gates of authority given to all of humanity.  Either, you will engage one and forsake the other; it’s your selection.  The two gates of authority are the “Gates of Righteousness” and the “Gates of Hell,” laid out for your choice.